Filip Smets Contact
Who am I?

Belgian freelancer working on a lot of different projects.

What can I do?

My digital skills include making websites and applications. I have also designed and implemented a range of cross platform mobile applications.

On the hardware side I have experience designing full products that make use of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. To complete the full user experience I have in the past used 3D-printing and Lasercutting for the product design and quick prototyping.

From my past projects I have gathered a lot of experience giving workshops; both to children and grown-ups. These include short one-off workshops to long trajects in schools, libraries and makerspaces.

After building out my clients online presence I'm often asked if I also perform ICT work. Because of this I have build up a lot of expertise on maintaining a working infrastructure.


    Hourly65 euro
    One-off workshop450 euro

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    Websites and webappsrequest quote

Phone +32 (0)4 94 94 69 53




Company details
BTW BE 0672.639.570
IBAN BE37035778792328

Post Adress
Gerstelaan 5
2520 Ranst
Current projects
Small experiments
NeuralCar 2.0 (Open Source)

Second version of the car simulation. Each car has a neural network that controls it. Those then go trough generations of evolution till they can drive themself.

This became my graduating project in high school, accompanying a small paper.
Procedural Image

Images generated using neural networks, you select the image that kinda looks like you want and it will evolve trying to form what you want it to look like.
Simple procedural map (Open source)

A quick and dirty procedural map generator using ascii (text) output. Made as a quick excercise to explore perlin noise.